12 December 2011

Danny Brown - "Monopoly"

Lemmie say a couple words about Danny Brown.
Brown  doesn't hide his vices: he loves his marijuana, amphetamines, and alcohol. And because of that, he is divisive, and because of that, I absolutely love him.
Danny Brown's second video from his mixtape "XXX" is titled "Monopoly" and the nearly three minute long chorus-less boastfest does not disappoint. In "Monopoly", Brown confronts competition with jeering lines like "...To me your label seems like one of them pageant mommas /So guess who's the little bitch? / That's you / You must suck a lot of dick / That's true". Danny goes off in "Monopoly", and its darkness is exemplified by certain lines that shouldn't be considered too deeply while eating for risk of appetite loss. (1:17)

And you don't even want to know what I'd do for that Mishka V-jacket.

Danny Brown

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