22 May 2012


Double exposures are fun.


14 May 2012

Life Without Buildings

I had to coerce the fine people at CVS to get this film processed.
They told me it probably wouldn't develop correctly, but in a stupor the magnitude of which could only be brought on by a full day of Palmerfest "activities", I insisted.
I won't describe the details because I know no one cares, but basically, the film got fucked up exactly like they said it would.
Luckily for me, the images were salvageable and a majority of the imperfections were removed in Photoshop.
(the fact that Isaac is shirtless in only one of these photos represents a great disservice to the amount of time he was actually shirtless over the course of this weekend)

I also shot packs on packs on packs of dat Impossible film, which will in all likelihood be posted retrospectively in the coming weeks (months).
Who cares.

09 May 2012

New Beat

Blogger kept fucking up but now it's not so I guess I'm back?
Don't bank on it.