09 November 2011

Foxy Shazam and grilled cheese donuts

Catching one of the nation's most entertaining live music performances and eating the definition of absurd, delicious, artery-clogging food makes for a generally good fucking awesome weekend.

We met up with past acquaintances and I soon found myself eating hot dinner rolls with honey and giggling at episodes of Adventure Time while witnessing Nick fuck up the nuances of the gentlemanly art of pipe smoking.
Season 2, Episode 6: "Slow Love"
Above: The gentlemanly art of pipe smoking, as demonstrated by Nicholas Southall.

It was Saturday night. We got motivated, drove downtown and walked inside the small restaurant only minutes before close.
The staff wasn't too excited to see six salivating youths giddy with excitement for their original and delicious grilled cheese donut, but they kindly took our order and we sat at a table, impatiently waiting for our food to come.
This is where things get tough to describe.
The sandwich that I built consisted of a glazed donut, Brie, macaroni, and smoked turkey.
It was a religious experience.

Pictured: A religious experience.
The donut glaze was grilled to a perfect golden brown and the ammoniated Brie flavor was lost in the grilling process leaving behind a pliable, creamy cheese paired with the grilled donut that gave the entire sandwich the delightful scent of fresh funnel cake and hot sex.
As I took my first bite into this monstrosity, my favorite Neon Indian song began to play over the restaurant's speakers.
Terminally Chill indeed.

Around the table, clockwise: Codee, Conor, Brooker, Tyler, Nick. Make sure to check out Tom + Chee next time you're in Cincinnati!
Fast forward 24 hours.
The only important thing that happened in the omitted timeframe was breakfast pizza.
We arrive at Bogart's and make our way towards the stage. Nick and Conor strike up casual conversation with a guy near us, complimenting him on his beard. (He turns out to be none other than Foxy's keyboard player, Schuyler Vaughan White)
Foxy takes the stage and goes right into their setlist, kicking it off with "Oh Lord", a powerful song with blasting horns and falsetto notes that show off lead singer Eric Nally's impressive vocal range.
Foxy Shazam is known for their extreme performances, and the band definitely lived up to the reputation. Nally defied venue policy by lighting up three cigarettes and subsequently eating them while they were still lit.
But Nally didn't stop there.
During a guitar solo of bandmate Loren Daniel Turner, Nally vaulted himself onto Turner's shoulders and basically fucked the back of his head.
Some memorable quotes from the performance include:
"This song is about being caught between a bed and a whole lot of woman."
"Every time I feel like I've hit rock bottom, some asshole hands me a shovel and says, 'Keep digging.'"
"Rock and Roll may be dead but that doesn't mean we can't dance with their fucking ghosts."

I saw one of the most entertaining shows I've ever been to and did it with some of the best guys I know.
It was a damn good weekend.

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